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From 40 till 370 keywords on first page -the power of backlinks


In February 2022, the organic search stood at 160 with a total of 628keywords. Out of these, 40 keywords ranked on the first page. The domainauthority was recorded at 1, and there were 37 referring domains.

The Strategy

We implemented a strategy began with acquiring 10 links monthly, doublingthis effort every three months. The focus was on domains with a DA of40-80+. Given the client's entry into a new market, education was prioritized.Thus, high-potential education pillar pages were primarily targeted. Thecampaign exclusively engaged niche health sites that met quality standards.

The Outcome

In December 2022, the organic search reached 2,578 with a total of 3,508keywords. Among these, 370 keywords ranked on the first page, and thedomain authority was 22.

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