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Elit Nutrition


Client:Elit Nutrition

Industry: Health and Fitness Supplements

Objective: To increase website traffic and enhance online visibility through on-page multilingual SEO together with a backlink strategy

Duration: First three months


Elit Nutrition, a leading online retailer of training supplements, aimed to expand its market reach beyond local boundaries and connect with a global audience. Despite offering a wide range of high-quality supplements, Elit Nutrition struggled to effectively reach potential customers in non-English speaking countries, limiting its growth and market penetration.


To address these challenges, Seode crafted a comprehensive multilingual SEO strategy designed to optimize Elitstore's online presence across different languages and regions. The strategy was centered around two main pillars:

Multilingual Website Optimization

  • Website Localization: Implemented a multilingual website structure with localized content for key markets, ensuring that product descriptions, navigation, and support materials were accurately translated and culturally adapted.
  • Hreflang Tags: Utilized hreflang tags to signal to search engines the linguistic and geographical targeting of content, improving search visibility in targeted regions.
  • Local Keywords Research and Integration: Conducted keyword research for each target language to identify relevant search terms related to training supplements and incorporated these into the localized content.

Content Strategy for Global Audiences

  • Localized Content Creation: Developed high-quality, localized content that resonated with each target market, including articles, blog posts, and guides on nutrition, workout routines, and supplement benefits.
  • Multilingual Blog Section: Created a comprehensive Blog section addressing common questions in each target language, optimizing for local search queries and improving user experience.
  • Engagement with Global Fitness Communities: Engaged with fitness enthusiasts and influencers across different regions through social media and forums to build brand awareness and generate backlinks.


The implementation phase involved a detailed setup of a multilingual website infrastructure, ensuring seamless navigation and a positive user experience for visitors from different countries. Key actions included:

  • Technical SEO Adjustments: Configured the website to support multiple languages, including right-to-left languages, and ensured that all versions were mobile-friendly and fast-loading.
  • Content Localization and Optimization: Rolled out localized content for each target market, ensuring it was optimized for both search engines and user engagement.
  • Global Link-Building Strategy: Implemented a link-building strategy focused on acquiring backlinks from reputable sites within each target market to boost domain authority and search rankings globally.


Within three months, Seode's multilingual SEO strategy delivered impressive results:

  • Significant Increase in Global Traffic: Elitstore experienced a 110% increase in global web traffic, with notable gains in English and several European countries.
  • Top Rankings in Multiple Languages: Achieved high search engine rankings for key supplement-related terms across different languages, significantly improving visibility in target regions.
  • Enhanced Global User Engagement: The localized content and optimized website experience led to higher engagement rates worldwide, with increased time on site and lower bounce rates in all target markets.
  • Boost in International Sales: The strategic expansion into multilingual SEO directly contributed to a marked increase in sales from international customers, diversifying Elitstore's customer base and revenue streams.


Seode's strategic approach to multilingual SEO successfully broadened Elitstore's global reach, connecting the brand with a diverse international audience and driving significant growth. This case study underscores the importance of a well-executed multilingual SEO strategy in expanding market presence and engaging with customers across different languages and cultures.

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