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Growing steady and optimizing a well know apparel brand


The company was loosing market shares in their largest markets; USA. Our algoritm showed that in some state they where actually growing, however, in most state we saw a decline. We asked our AI to come to any conclusion, and it could be anything. It went through the search data state for state and saw a pattern. It was winter in the US, and in many of the declining states was booming with searches like ”warm socks” ”keep feet warm” and similar searches.


We presented a plan to to focus the marketing effort to the summer states in US. So we created content cluster for each time of the year as well as a technical SEO of the whole page including subdomains. When it comes to a site of this site and reach, it recommended to to a technical audit at least one a month a handle the issues directly so they don’t pile up. They had som technical issues that we manage to solve.

SEO strategy

As serves a global audience, it's essential to consider international SEO. This includes using hreflang tags to indicate the language and geographical targeting of a webpage, having localized content and domain names, and understanding the search behavior of your audience in different countries.Our AI also evaluate what our competitors are doing in terms of SEO. Look at the keywords they target, the types of content they produce, and their link-building strategies. We use this information to identify opportunities where you can outrank them.


We are glad that we have improved and build up extra traffic to a value of $20,000 per month, and look forward to enter new markets and regions. So look out.

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