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Lemon Henley

Lemon Henley - an 858 % increase in search traffic


Lemon Henley was overshadowed by rivals and remained unnoticed inregional online searches, making it challenging to attract potentialbeneficiaries.

The Strategy

We started a keyword analysis, a comprehensive SEO Audit, pinpointingareas for webpage enhancement to elevate Lemon Henley's regional visibilityand increased engagements. developed SEO content tailored toaddress the queries of searchers. The introduction of optimized pages andnew landing pages, combined with an updated Google Business Profile, ledto a noticeable increase in Lemon Henley organic traffic. Seode alsoredoubled the focus on boosting conversions by optimizing existing contentwith low competition keywords. The result? A clear path for clients to asolution, tripling conversion rates from organic traffic.

A 300% increase in conversions from organic traffic
The Outcome

Experiencing a ninefold rise in top-page keyword presence, Lemon Henleywitnessed an impressive 858% increase in monthly website visitors. An843% increase in page one keywords. Lemon Henley now ranks for 349page one keywords — up from 37.

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